Mother and Father

January 9, 2019


The mother and father of the bride. I cannot begin to imagine the emotions you feel the day your child marries another soul. I want to think its a day full of flashbacks to their childhood, the happy times, the sad times, the hard times, the times you thought neither one of you might make it through the day but you did and it made you stronger. I want to think it is a day you are beaming with pride and joy and your heart feels like it cannot grow anymore but it does because you are gaining another child and your child is starting their own family. . I know they say the days are long but the years are short and it’s true. As I was sitting next to Braden last night at the table after we had checked his math homework and he was showing me his favorite memes…I couldn’t stop looking at him. Looking at the young man that was sitting at my table, the boy who made me a mom. Now he is taller than me and often times when he is in the other room and speaks I think to myself “WHAT MAN is in my house right now?”. . I want to sit at his wedding and watch as he promises to love another forever and I want all of the same emotions to flood over me and fill my mind. I will be beaming with pride and joy and my heart will explode with love. . These are the moments that matter the most. This is the story of your wedding day. The moments that you will not see because you are focused on marrying your soul mate. Let us tell your story so one day you can show it to your children and they can see how proud their grandparents were. . If this speaks to you, let us know. We would LOVE to sit down and chat with you, learn your story and how we can tell it so you can share it for years to come

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